Holographic Nail Powder

$9.80 USD

Our Holographic Nail Powder is an awesome way to diversify your Esmio One Step Gel colour collection, creating a true holographic finish over any colour you desire. Our holographic powder works best with our Optional Top Coat, we suggest using the Optional Top Coat before and after you have applied your powder.

Net Weight 1g

Once you have applied and cured 1-2 layers of our One Step Gel Polish, paint and cure 1 layer of our Optional Top Coat for 30 seconds in our LED Lamp (this is extremely important as the powder adheres best to our Optional Top Coat). Dip the applicator brush into a minimal amount of powder and proceed to lightly buff in a circular motion over the Optional Top Coat, cure for 60 seconds.

Once you have reached your desired finish, dust any excess powder away lightly with our Dusting Brush then paint and cure 1 more layer of our Optional Top Coat to seal the chrome powder into place. Do not forget to cap the free edge of your nail.

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