A Guide to Properly Storing Gel Nail Polish

Continue achieving flawless manicures by maintaining the integrity of your One Step Gel.
Keep it cool and dry
Gel nail polish is sensitive to heat and humidity which can cause it to thicken. A dark drawer in a temperature controlled environment is ideal
Secure the cap tightly
Always ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use and the bottle should be stored upright. This reduces air exposure and prevents the lid from getting stuck or gluey due to polish residue.
Keep them upright
Never lie the polishes down, this might make the polish form clumps and it'll more difficult to mix the pigments back together. You also risk the nail polish thickening while on its side.
Clean the neck after each use
After use, wipe the neck and rim of the bottle with rubbing alcohol on a lint free wipe to ensure the bottle closes properly and no gel is getting stuck in the ridges. If the bottle gets stuck closed, run it under hot water.
Avoid storing in the bathroom
Due to the high humidity levels that can be present in bathrooms, the consistency of the performance can be affected.
Keep it away from UV light
Keep the open bottle of gel away from the light from your lamp as this will slowly cure the gel. Also avoid painting nails in direct sunlight.
Do not paint outside or in direct sunlight
If you are opening your gel polish in direct sunlight, the natural UV rays from the sun will slowly thicken and harden your gel. If this happens and you find your brush has turned hard you can clean the residue off by soaking it in alcohol.