French Tip Tool

$15.00 AUD
Our French Tip Tool makes doing french tips a walk in the park! Follow our instructions below for the perfect French tip every time!

1. Using the Esmio one step gel polish, brush a thin layer of polish onto the silicone head (no wider than the brush itself).

2. Starting from the end of the brush stroke, slowly push your nail into the silicon head on a 40 degree angle.

3. Pull your nail back out. If you have missed the sides of your nails, push you nail back into the silicon putting your nails on an angle to get both sides. If you have applied a thick tip push your nails into a clean part of the silicon. This will remove some polish.

Tip! If you mess up, don't worry. With one step gel you can just wipe the polish off your nails before curing and start again. Practice makes perfect!

To clean, wipe polish off with a baby wipe.

Using a baby wipe, wipe away any Esmio product off the silicone and leave to air dry. Do not use any acetone or chemicals to remove the product, this will erode the silicone.

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