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Esmio Australia was founded by four female entrepreneurs, Nicolle Khattar El-Rassy, Saryne Hanna, Rochele Hanna Politis, Jazmin Olukulu. Our aim is to make Women's lives easier with the simplest application and removal for gel polish that lasts.

With Esmio’s unique One Step Gel, you do not need a base or top coat! All of the gels are also vegan, cruelty free and 10 free which means they are free from the 10 most harmful chemicals often found in nail polish and make up products. This is the first of its kind! Great for both manis and pedis! We have also formulated a One Step Gel Remover- it removes our One Step Gel safely, in under 5 minutes!

Other amazing features of our Esmio range include:

A sleek UV/LED Lamp which cures your one step gel polish in under 60 seconds, complete with a sticker pack which you can use to personalise your lamp.
Over 60 amazingly formulated colours – perfect for every season and every skin tone, all with alliterative names, named after strong females.
Nail art stickers, for the nail art lover inside of you, get the perfect nail art in under 1 minute every time!
The perfect nail file and buffer to ensure you have the perfect shaped nail and base for your one step gel application.
Innovative nail tools such as our cuticle pusher and scraper which assist greatly in perfecting your perfect mani.
Esmio means 'it's mine' in Spanish because everything you purchase from should feel like it was made just for you. From the monogrammed nail lamp with your name on it, to the vast range of gel colours named after women.