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Article: Best Sheer Shades for French Tips

Best Sheer Shades for French Tips

Best Sheer Shades for French Tips

Nothing says sophisticated quite like beautifully manicured, sheer polished nails.

One nail trend that has captured the essence of timeless elegance and understated style is the sheer nail trend. Loved for its chic, classy look, and versatile appeal, sheer nails have become a favourite for those who appreciate a natural yet polished appearance.

Sheer nail colours are not only beautiful on their own but also provide the perfect base for intricate nail art, including the ever popular French tips. And don't forget to use our French Tip Tool to create the easiest french tip ever, made easier with our French Tip Kit.


Sheer polishes are also forgiving on application

Our collection of six sheer shades is thoughtfully crafted to cater to various skin tones and personal styles, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match. Here’s a closer look at our elegant lineup:

  1. Shania Sheer - Think Lipgloss Nails. This classic sheer with a hint of pink provides a soft blush tint is perfect for those who prefer a subtle, almost invisible finish. It’s subtly sweet and undeniably chic.

  2. Serena SkinSerena Skin is perfect for creating a soft, peach infused look that's both fresh and elegant. It’s light enough to be understated but provides just enough colour to give your nails a fresh and vibrant look. 

  3. Sabrina Skin - With a slightly deeper tone than Serena, Sabrina offers warmth and depth, making it perfect for medium skin tones looking to add a touch of elegance without overpowering their natural nail colour.

  4. Steph Skin - A beautiful blend of beige and nude, Steph Skin mimics the natural colour of nails but with a healthier, more uniform appearance. It’s ideal for creating a clean, polished look without the starkness of a full colour polish.

  5. Jaz JasmineJaz Jasmine introduces a delicate white tone to the sheer palette, providing a hint of milky brightness that brings a clean and crisp finish to your nails. Jaz Jasmine can brightens the nails with its soft white glow, making it a fantastic choice for brides or anyone aiming for a chic, polished look.

  6. Peppa Pink - More pigmented than the others, Peppa Pink offers a gentle kiss of colour, perfect for achieving a delicate, feminine look. It’s the ultimate choice for a more than barely there manicure that still speaks volumes.


A sheer base enhances the natural look of the nail, creating a clean & refined look


To truly embrace the sheer nail trend, keep your nails well manicured and your cuticles tidy. Whether you’re stepping into the office, attending a gala, or simply enjoying a day out with friends, our sheer nail polishes promise to keep you looking polished and chic.


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