Mastering Gel Shrinkage and Micro-cracks

In the fascinating world of gel polish unexpected challenges can arise. In this blog, we dive into the intricacies of troubleshooting the issues of shrinkage and bending. Join us as we uncover invaluable tips and techniques to regain control over your One Step Gel.


Why does it occur? Shrinkage happens when there is something on the nail bed that shouldn’t be there. The things that cause gel polish to shrink is putting oil onto nails before a manicure or washing your hands prior to gel application.

How to avoid: Gel polish must be applied on a clean, dry base, and it has to be the right pH balance. Using products like Dehydrator or Strong Hold Bond will make the nail plate the correct pH balance meaning you shouldn’t have any shrinkage.

Always prep well and follow our guides on application. Use the whole Esmio system and if you are still having problems after following all of these steps, consider something stronger like Builder Gel XL, or Extension Gel Adhesive which is designed to harden nails.


Why does it occur? Gel polish is known for it's durability, yet when nails exhibit thinness or weakness, their inability to adequately support the gel polish can result in added strain on the polish, leading to the formation of micro cracks.

How to avoid: Utilising our 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive as your base layer serves to fortify the nails, enhancing their strength and enabling the gel polish to adhere securely with the appropriate level of tension to maintain your One Step Gels integrity. Additionally, applying our Optional Top Coat will safeguard the gel layer and act as a protective barrier, thus minimising the likelihood of micro cracks.


If you are still experiencing difficulty, please feel free to reach out to us at 🥰🥰