Small Biz Love: Why Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs Fuels Our Passion

As a small business run by four women, we know firsthand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, this helps us understand the importance of supporting other small businesses in our community so we can create a more vibrant and thriving environment for everyone.


This week, we partnered with AZZU, a small business in Sydney that specialises in crafting custom-made, hand-poured candles using 100% natural coconut & soy wax. We were so impressed with the unique AZZU asymmetrical candle that we teamed up with Dan to coordinate the colour of our 3 new One Step Gel Polish shades with his 3 latest scented candles.


One Step Gel Polish Shade Maria Marina will be partnered with scented candle Sea Spray & Linen.

One Step Gel Polish Shade Saryne Sage will be partnered with scented candle Crushed Lime & Sea Salt.

One Step Gel Polish Shade Mabel Moss will be partnered with scented candle Cucumber & Melon.


When you support a small business, you're not only supporting the owners and employees, you're supporting families and individuals who are passionate about what they do and offering them a chance to succeed.

We are eternally grateful for our customers and the constant support they give us. Your support helps us continue to pursue our dreams and make a living, while doing something we love.