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Article: Why our 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive Is your At Home Manicure Kit Staple

Why our 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive Is your At Home Manicure Kit Staple

Why our 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive Is your At Home Manicure Kit Staple

Achieving salon quality nails at home has never been easier or more convenient, thanks to innovative products like our 2in1 Optional Base Coat and Extension Gel Adhesive. This versatile product is quickly becoming a staple in the at home manicure system. Whether you're looking to adhere extensions or simply strengthen your natural nails for a longer lasting gel manicure, this 2in1 offers a plethora of benefits that cater to both needs seamlessly. Here’s why it should be an essential component of your nail care routine.  


Dual Functionality for Ultimate Convenience

The beauty of our 2in1 Optional Base Coat and Extension Gel Adhesive lies in its dual purpose functionality. As a base coat, it provides a sturdy foundation for gel polish, ensuring your manicure stays vibrant and chip free for longer. When used as extension gel adhesive, it offers the perfect solution for attaching gel extensions securely, giving you the length and shape you desire with ease. 


Enhanced Durability for Weak Nails

One of the most significant challenges for enthusiasts of gel manicures is the longevity of the polish, especially for those with weak or brittle nails (shop our Weak Nails Kit). Our 2in1 product is specially formulated to address this issue head-on. When used as a base coat, it not only adheres the gel polish effectively but also adds an extra layer of strength to your nails. This reinforcement is crucial for individuals with weak nails, as it provides the necessary support to prevent breakage and allows the gel polish to last even longer.


Easy Application

You don’t have to be a professional nail technician to achieve flawless results with our gel range, including our 2in1 Optional Base Coat and Extension Gel Adhesive. Whether you’re applying it as a base coat or using it to attach extensions, the process is straightforward and forgiving, making it perfect for your at home manicure session.


Easy Removal

Effortless removal is just as crucial as the application when it comes to the perfect at home manicure system, and our One Step Gel Remover paired with our easy to use at home nail tools ensures this process is as smooth and gentle as possible. Our gel remover minimises potential damage to your natural nails, making it a safer alternative to traditional removal methods.


Tips for Maximising The Benefits

To get the most out of our 2in1 Optional Base Coat and Extension Gel Adhesive, here are a few tips:

  • Proper Nail Preparation: Ensure your nails are clean, dry, and free of oils before application. This step is crucial for both adhesion and longevity. Read our in depth How To Guide Here.
  • Thin Layers: Apply thin layers to avoid any thick or uneven spots, which can lead to premature chipping or lifting.
  • Curing: Use our Nail Lamp and cure for 60 seconds.
  • Hydration: Apply Cuticle Oil daily to add and maintain strength and hydration. 

Our 2in1 Optional Base Coat and Extension Gel Adhesive is more than just a nail product; it's a game changer for at home manicures. Offering the perfect blend of convenience, durability, and ease of use, it caters to a wide range of nail care needs. Whether you're looking to extend your nails or strengthen them, this versatile product ensures your manicure stays beautiful longer. Make it a staple in your at home manicure kit and experience the difference for yourself.

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