Why we don't sell E-files

What are e-files?

Electric Files are Electronically powered files used for filing nails, removing unwanted skin during nail prep and removing gel polish/gel extensions. 

Drill ‘bits’ are referred to as the tip of the drill that can be interchanged depending on the specific job that needs to be completed. These drill bits come in many shapes and sizes including round, pointy, cylindrical, and in many different grits including fine grit, medium grit, or coarse grit.

E-files are also commonly used in the recently high trending ‘Russian manicure’ with ‘Russian manicure near me’ being a current top google search. 

SO… what is a Russian manicure?

A Russian manicure is a dry manicure method that has a high focus on precise cuticle work where e-files are used to remove all skin around the nail bed. You can easily find a video on Tiktok. 

E-files can be dangerous for a number of reasons. A study on Russian Manicures was completed by Doug Schoon on 300 people. After a 3 year period of receiving russian manicures, they found 91% of volunteers suffered symptoms of a damaged nail matrix or nail bed, some extreme cases reported painful nerve damage and high sensitivity and less than 9% of cases were determined as safe. As spoken about in our recent blog The Truth about Cuticles that no-one told us before! Removing live skin around the nail bed poses lots of risks by allowing germs to enter the nail matrix and cause inflammation in the nails.

Why don't we sell e-files?

As we aspire to create the easiest at home nail system for beginners, we have made our products extremely easy to use. We do not believe e-files are necessary in creating a beautiful at home manicure.

If you do wish to use an e-file, we highly recommend reading this article https://www.nailcarehq.com/the-dangers-of-the-russian-manicure/ , and doing your research on how to use them safely!