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One Step Gel RemoverOne Step Gel Remover
One Step Gel Remover Sale price$29.00 AUD
Optional Top CoatOptional Top Coat
Optional Top Coat Sale price$29.00 AUD
French Tip ToolFrench Tip Tool
French Tip Tool Sale price$15.00 AUD
Save $21.00Basic Starter KitBasic Starter Kit
Basic Starter Kit Sale price$165.00 AUD Regular price$186.00 AUD
Builder Gel XL
Builder Gel XL Sale price$29.00 AUD
The Essential FileThe Essential File
The Essential File Sale price$5.00 AUD
Save $10.00One Step Gel Removal KitOne Step Gel Removal Kit
One Step Gel Removal Kit Sale price$39.00 AUD Regular price$49.00 AUD
The Soft BufferThe Soft Buffer
The Soft Buffer Sale price$5.00 AUD
Nail Lamp
Nail Lamp Sale price$89.00 AUD
White Whitney WhiteWhite Whitney White
Whitney White Sale price$29.00 AUD
2in1 Optional Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive
2in1 Optional Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nude Steph SkinNude Steph Skin
Steph Skin Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nail Polishes Pink Pip PinkNail Polishes Pink Pip Pink
Pip Pink Sale price$29.00 AUD
Peel Off Base CoatPeel Off Base Coat
Peel Off Base Coat Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nude Nickie NudeNude Nickie Nude
Nickie Nude Sale price$29.00 AUD
Roll On Cuticle OilRoll On Cuticle Oil
Roll On Cuticle Oil Sale price$29.00 AUD
Black Bella BlackBlack Bella Black
Bella Black Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nail Art MatNail Art Mat
Nail Art Mat Sale price$20.00 AUD
Pink Paris PinkPink Paris Pink
Paris Pink Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nail Art Stencil PackNail Art Stencil Pack
Nail Art Stencil Pack Sale price$7.00 AUD
Pro Scraper Tool
Pro Scraper Tool Sale price$15.00 AUD
The Hard BufferThe Hard Buffer
The Hard Buffer Sale price$5.00 AUD
Aura Nail PowderAura Nail Powder
Aura Nail Powder Sale price$13.00 AUD
Cuticle Softener
Cuticle Softener Sale price$29.00 AUD
Save $48.00Pro Starter KitPro Starter Kit
Pro Starter Kit Sale price$320.00 AUD Regular price$368.00 AUD
Nail Art Brush Set & CaseNail Art Brush Set & Case
Nail Art Brush Set Sale price$36.00 AUD
Save $10.00Tool PackTool Pack
Tool Pack Sale price$55.00 AUD Regular price$65.00 AUD
Nail Polishes White Claudia CloudNail Polishes White Claudia Cloud
Claudia Cloud Sale price$29.00 AUD
Flash Cure Nail Lamp
Flash Cure Nail Lamp Sale price$45.00 AUD
Pink Shania SheerPink Shania Sheer
Shania Sheer Sale price$29.00 AUD
Save $9.00Soft Gel Extensions KitSoft Gel Extensions Kit
Soft Gel Extensions Kit Sale price$164.00 AUD Regular price$173.00 AUD
Purple Penny Purple- PRE ORDER- EARLY DECEMBER DISPATCHPurple Penny Purple
Penny Purple Sale price$29.00 AUD
Pro Cuticle Pusher
Pro Cuticle Pusher Sale price$15.00 AUD
Red Roch RedRed Roch Red
Roch Red Sale price$29.00 AUD
Nude Naomi NudeNude Naomi Nude
Naomi Nude Sale price$29.00 AUD
Orange Poppy PeachOrange Poppy Peach
Poppy Peach Sale price$29.00 AUD
gel polish Red Riri Redgel polish Red Riri Red
Riri Red Sale price$29.00 AUD
Pink Cardi Cotton CandyPink Cardi Cotton Candy
Cardi Cotton Candy Sale price$29.00 AUD
Gold FoilPot Of Gold
Gold Foil Sale price$13.00 AUD
Purple Lily LavenderPurple Lily Lavender
Lily Lavender Sale price$29.00 AUD
Pink Penelope PinkPink Penelope Pink
Penelope Pink Sale price$29.00 AUD
Blue Beverly BlueBlue Beverly Blue
Beverly Blue Sale price$29.00 AUD
Silver Chrome Nail PowderSilver Chrome Nail Powder
Silver Chrome Nail Powder Sale price$13.00 AUD
Dusting BrushDusting Brush
Dusting Brush Sale price$15.00 AUD
Green Gia GreenGreen Gia Green
Gia Green Sale price$29.00 AUD
Medium Almond Soft Gel ExtensionsMedium Almond Soft Gel Extensions
Medium Almond Soft Gel Extensions Sale price$40.00 AUD
Pink Danielle Dusty PinkPink Danielle Dusty Pink
Danielle Dusty Pink Sale price$29.00 AUD
Pro Cuticle Clipper
Pro Cuticle Clipper Sale price$20.00 AUD