Strong Hold Bond

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Our 10-Free Strong hold Bond is a nail primer. It is used to create a more adhesive surface on the natural nail which allows for our One Step Gel to adhere better to the nail bed, resulting in a longer lasting One Step Gel manicure. This product for perfect with any person who has naturally oily nail beds.

Our Strong Hold Bond temporarily changes PH level of your natural nails. The change in PH helps the bond act like a double sided adhesive. This helps prevent premature lifting. Ensure you prime one hand at a time as the Strong Hold Bond loses its effectiveness after about 20 minutes once the PH level returns back to normal. 

Apply 1 coat of our Strong Hold to buffed natural nails, do not cure. Apply One Step Gel Polish immediately on top of the Strong Hold Bond. Our Strong Hold Bond will create a sticky surface on your nail beds so avoid touching your nails until you have applied and cured the One Step Gel Polish, because of this, we also suggest starting and finishing the Strong Hold Bond and One Step Gel process one hand at a time.

For our in depth guide to the perfect mani visit our how to section here. This guide includes how to properly prep, paint and remove your Esmio gel polish as well as some helpful tips!

Methyl ethyl ketone, 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate, Hydroxypropyl methacrylate, L-alanine

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