Dehydrator VS Strong Hold Bond



Dehydrator has a liquid consistency and removes moisture from the surface of your natural nails. The Dehydrator should be used after you buff your nails and before any other application of polish or primer. Dehydrating your nails is extremely important to ensure you have a long lasting manicure. If you do not own a nail Dehydrator you may also use acetone to dehydrate your nails. 

Strong Hold Bond:

Strong Hold Bond is an acid free nail primer that has a sticky liquid consistency. It is used to prepare your nails for polish application by creating a sticky surface which the polish can adhere to. There is no alternative for this product however it is completely optional. If you have naturally dry nail beds, your mani will last longer than someone who has naturally oily nail beds. That is why, you should use the Strong Hold Bond/primer if you have oily nail beds, because it will help make your mani last longer.

If you are using Strong Hold Bond in your mani routine, it should be applied after the Dehydrator. Ensure you apply it sparingly as too much product will decrease its adhesive effects. 

Our Strong Hold Bond temporarily changes PH level of your natural nails. The change in PH helps the bond act like a double sided adhesive. This helps prevent premature lifting. Ensure you prime one hand at a time as the Strong Hold Bond loses its effectiveness after about 20 minutes once the PH level returns back to normal.