Do Your Nails Need A Break From Gel Polish?

The most common question we get asked is, do my nails need a break between gel applications? In short, the answer is no. Your nails do not need air to breath as they get their oxygen and nutrients from your blood. However in saying that, there are times where you may want to give your nails a break. Here’s why.

If you have damage to your nails such as a fungal infection, discolouration, inflamed red cuticles or cracks on your nails, you will have to get these medically checked and resolved. Applying gel over these problems will just hide it and in turn, make your nails worse. You could end up losing a nail because of this and we wouldn’t want that to happen! Make sure to get any of the above problems professionally checked before applying any gel.

Gel polish and the process of applying does not damage your nails. Here is what each step does:

  • Buffing – Lightly buffing your nails is normal for gel application, however it’s the over buffing that is damaging. When we lightly buff, we only create slight abrasions on our nails resulting in a rough surface. When you over buff you are buffing away layers of your natural nails which will not grow back by the next gel application.
  • Removing – Soaking your nails in acetone will dry out your nails, cuticles and skin surrounding your nails. Prolonged soaking will cause your nails to dry out and become brittle. Using our 10 free One Step Gel Remover will lift the your Esmio One Step Gel polish off your nails without any damage to the natural nail. It will not leave your nails overly dry and does not need to be in contact with your cuticles or skin.
  • Scraping – At salons, nail technicians tend to scrape hard at the polish that did not soak off with the acetone. This will take layers off of your natural nail with the polish. When using our One Step Gel Remover, ensure you lightly scrape the polish off using our Scraper Tool. If it does not come off with a light scrape then add more One Step Gel Remover to the polish and repeat the process. You should only ever lightly scrape without adding any pressure to ensure no damage to your natural nails.
  • Peeling – Peeling off your gel polish without proper removal will lift off layers of your natural nails. The more you do this, the thinner your nails will be.

It takes approximately 6 months for your nails to fully regrow, so keep that in mind if you accidentally damage your nails. It will take this long to get their strength back. You can apply Cuticle Oil daily to help them grow back stronger and healthier. This does not mean that should not apply gel polish to your nails if they have become slightly more weak, just be more cautious with your manicure process. You can implement additional steps to your routine so your manicure lasts longer. You can use our Optional Base Coat, Builder Gel XL or Optional Top Coat for your next few manicures to help strengthen your nails.

If your nails are healthy nails you can wear gel polish as often as you like. A pro tip, a heathy diet helps in creating healthy skin and nails!