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Article: How To Get A Longer Lasting Manicure For Thin, Strong, Oily or Dry Nails

How To Get A Longer Lasting Manicure For Thin, Strong, Oily or Dry Nails
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How To Get A Longer Lasting Manicure For Thin, Strong, Oily or Dry Nails

How to determine if you have thin, strong, oily or dry nail beds?

Everyone’s nails are either thin and weak or hard and strong. But throw in another factor, oily or dry and it can have you second guessing what your nail type is and what nail routine will work best for you. We have broken down the 4 categories to help you determine your nail combo. Once you have determined whether you have Hard and Oily, Hard and Dry, Thin and Oily or Thin and Dry nails. You can add these steps to your manicure routine.

Thin and Weak:

You know you have thin and weak nails when…

  • You struggle to grow your nails.
  • Your nails are predominantly short.
  • Your nails break easily.
  • If you press the end of your nail, it easily bends.
  • You usually get heat spikes when you cure your nails.
  • You have a lot of ridge in your nails.
  • You easily get chips in your nail polish.

Thin and weak nail beds are the reason your nails are easily chipping. We have to create a thicker foundation so your nails do not easily bend. Even though Esmio is known for its one step gel polish, you will have to include an addition base and top coat in order to have a longer lasting manicure with this nail type. To do this you will need to use the following in your nail routine:

  1. 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive – A base coat is going to lay down the foundation for a strong manicure. It has a tacky/sticky finish so that the next step can better adhere to it.
  2. Gel XL – This is a builder gel which means it has a thick consistency. It is much thicker than our base coat. However, if you find your nails are not on the very thin side then you can definitely skip this step. The Gel XL also slides into all your nail ridges giving you smooth nail. It has a sticky finish again so the one step gel polish can better adhere to it.
  3. One Step Gel Polish Colour – Apply your polish in thin coats. Thin coats ensure your polish is completely dried through and doesn’t result in premature chipping.
  4. Optional Top Coat – Applying another level of coverage on the top of your colour will tie your manicure together. You nails will be shinier for longer and it will help create even more protection for your nails. With all these additional steps, your nails should not be able to bend which means they definitely will not chip!


Hard and Strong:

You know you have hard and strong nails when…

  • You can easily grow your nails.
  • If press on the end of your nail, it only slightly bends when you apply a lot of pressure.
  • Your nails don’t usually chip.

Having hard and strong nail beds means your nails are healthy and are not prone to chipping. If you also have dry nails then you are one of the lucky ones that will not need anything more than our one step gel polish colour to have a long lasting manicure. However there are two things we can recommend that may apply to you:

  1. Gel XL – Even though your nails are strong and you do not need the extra layers for strength, the Gel XL can fill in any nail ridges if you have any. Ridges are bumps in you natural nail that can show when you only apply one step gel polish. Gel XL will create an even flat surface and give you a neat finish.
  2. Optional Top Coat – One step gel polish has a gloss finish. However, if you are a very hands on person in your day to day life then you might like to add the Esmio top coat. The top coat will create a barrier for the one step gel polish colour. Ensuring it does not crack or lose its glossiness.



You know you have oily nails when…

  • Your nails are naturally shiny.
  • Your polish can easily be peeled off without it taking off any layers of your natural nails.
  • Your polish lifts off the next day.
  • Your nails have high PH levels.
  • You have oily skin.

Oily nail beds are the reason your nails are peeling and lifting the day after you paint your nails. Whether they are thin or strong, we have to take the oils out of your nails and create balanced PH levels so the polish sticks your nails and your mani lasts. To do this you will need to use the following at the beginning of your nail preparation:

  1. Hand Exfoliator – You want to first exfoliate away all the natural oils on and around your nails. This will also ensure your hands are oil free when applying your gel polish.
  2. Buffer Block – Use a 120 grit buffer block to roughen up your natural nail bed. Ensure you get into all the little cracks and side walls. Your nails should look scratchy. Do not over buff as you do not want to make your nails too thin.
  3. Dehydrator – This is going to make the oil in your nails evaporate. You can even apply this twice if you feel your nails are super oily. Watch as your nails turn matte once this is applied.
  4. Strong Hold Bond – This is a PH balancer which changes the PH level of your natural nails. The change in PH helps the bond act like a double sided adhesive. Ensure you prime one hand at a time as the Strong Hold Bond loses its effectiveness after about 20 minutes once the PH level returns back to normal.


You know you have dry nails when…

  • Your cuticles are dry and cracking.
  • You have dry skin.

Dry nail beds are working in your favour as your nail polish easily adheres to your natural nails. Whether they are thin or strong, we have to ensure we are taking care of our dry cuticles and giving our nails the nourishment they need to grow in a healthy way. To do this you will need to include the following in your nail routine:

  1. As your nails are naturally dry, you do not need to add the steps that oily nail beds need. But do lightly buff your nail beds as the polish will still need a rough surface to stick to. 
  2. Cuticle Oil - You will need to apply cuticle oil after your manicure and continue to do so daily. We do not want your nails to become too dry as this will result in your nails becoming brittle. Applying cuticle oily on a regular basis will ensure your nails are getting the vitamins and nutrients the oil provides.


Please see table below for your perfect mani routine!


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