6 Easy Blooming Gel Designs

Blooming gel is a translucent formula that is used to create amazing nail art designs. Simply apply 1 coat of blooming gel to your nail (you can have a base colour first if you like), paint any colourful design you like while the blooming gel is still wet. The colours will spread out and settle, creating a blooming effect. You can apply blooming gel more than once onto your nail to create more fun designs. Once you cure your design, the spreading of the colour will stop. You design will be tacky so remember to finish your mani with our optional top coat. Here are 6 easy designs you can create with Blooming Gel.

Snake Skin

This is one of the most popular designs when it comes to blooming gel because it’s just way too easy to do! All you need is a dotting tool. Once you have your base colour, apply a layer of blooming gel. Using the larger side of your dotting tool and a different colour to your base place dots going down the middle of your nails, then again to both sides. Making sure that the lines going down the middle of your nails are done first so that they can boom more than the ones on the side. Get creative with this look by doing different base and snake skin colours on each nail!



This design definitely looks harder than it is to do. This is the beauty of blooming gel! Crazy designs that are actually easy for beginners! Ensure you have a blob of every colour you are using on a polish pallet or nail mat before you start. With the butterfly design start with a base colour and then apply a coat of blooming gel. Using a dotting tool use your first colour for the wings by placing dots in a semi-circle on you nail. Then taking your second colour, place smaller dots on the inside of the semi-circle. Using the same colour, place dots on the opposite side of your nail in a slightly curved line. Finally using a third colour, place smaller dots in the middle of the widest part of the first dots you applied. These will not bloom as much as the first dots as the blooming effect has already taken place. But this is all a part of the butterfly design! If you are feeling up for a challenge, add some clear 3D blobs to the third colour that you used. This will really elevate your design.



Marble nail art using blooming gel is a fun design to create. You will need a nail pallet and a flat head nail art brush. Start by doing your base colour and apply a coat of blooming gel. On the pallet swirl two colours together. Grabbing the flat head brush scoop up a bit of the gel and very lightly dab it on your nail. You do not want to press it down as you would move the blooming gel preventing your design from blooming. You can always dip your brush in again if you want to add a bit more to the effect.



Flowers are super fun to do! You will need your dotting tool for this design. Start with any base colour and apply a coat of blooming gel. With the large side of the dotting tool place 4 dots in a circle and push the colour towards the centre. Cure this then with the smaller side of the dotting tool place dots in the centre of the flowers.


Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell is a really cool design. It requires two layers of blooming gel to get its look. You want to start with an orange base colour. We used October Orange one step gel. Follow this with a coat of blooming gel. Using the large side of the dotting tool, place random dots with a dark brown gel like Coco Chocolate. Wait while the dots expand. Cure this and apply another coat of blooming gel. Now using the small side of the dotting tool place black dots in the centre of each of the brown dots. Once they have expanded to your liking, cure your completed design and finish with a top coat. Such a simple and easy design to do that looks so much harder than it is! You could even try this double layer of blooming gel effect with different gel colours!


Large Circle

This one is probably the easiest and does not require any additional tools. For this design we started with a base coat colour and applied a coat of blooming gel. Using the application brush of your one step gel, dab a blob in the centre of your nail. Dot not press hard as you don’t want to get any blooming gel on you application brush. Then watch as it blooms and spreads. Cure your design once you are happy with the amount it has bloomed. Super simple and stunning!


Watch how we created all these designs here!