How To Create Easy Foil Leaf Nail Art

It’s every girls dream to be able to achieve stunning and eye catching nail art designs themselves. Now with foil leaf anyone can do effortless nail art designs that are so incredibly easy and look so chic. Nail foil is so special as it can be used in a variety of ways to create many different designs. Esmio Australia has pots of gold, silver and rose gold foil leaf so the sky is the limit with the amount of looks you can create. We are going to share with your some intricate designs you can do yourself that will have people asking who did your nails!

Ombre Foil Leaf:

Ombre anything is just wow but when you do it with foil leaf, it is truly show stopping! Simply apply a coat of our optional top coat, before you cure it, place some foil flakes over your nail. Then using our nail art tweezers, break the foil apart on your nails. Put the tiny pieces at towards the base of your nails and the larger pieces towards the tips. This will create an ombre effect. 

For this look we used - Pot of Silver Foil Leaf and Pip Pink

Scattered Foil Leaf:

If you are just starting out on your foil leaf nail art journey, this design is fool proof! Sometimes people fear using foil leaf as they are afraid it will look too over the top. The key when scattering your foil leaf around your whole nail is to have a light or neutral base colour that isn’t too loud. If you are wearing a loud nail colour such as bright pink, we suggest you apply foil to one nail or change one or two of them to a lighter colour. Having different coloured nails will really elevate your look. 

For this look we used - Pot of Gold Foil Leaf and Nickie Nude

Foil Tips:

There’s French tips and then there is FOIL tips! I can tell you now that everyone will be complimenting those shimmery foil tips no matter what. For this design, you want to focus all the foil leaf at the tips of your nails. There is no need to make it look perfect. The different thickness at the tips is what makes your foil tips look so unique. 

For this look we used - Pot of Rose Gold Foil Leaf and Paisley Peach

Layered Foil Leaf:

Layering your foil leaf is a more intricate design. However, it is worth it for this glamorous look! For this design you will need to apply a coat of Steph Skin, scatter some pieces of gold foil, seal it with another coat of Steph Skin and apply another layer of gold foil leaf. Seal the design with our optional top coat. This look is so different It will have people asking how you got such an amazing design!


For this look we used - Pot of Gold Foil Leaf and Steph Skin

Edging Foil Leaf:

Two shade designs are already gorgeous so imagine adding an edge of foil leaf to that. It will instantly add glam to your nail designs. Start by using any base colour. For your second colour you could do a simple brush stroke of any colour. Get your foil leaf and apply it over the edge of where the 2 colours meet. You can even try this design by painting your nail in two different colours down the middle. The best part is, you don’t have to be neat with this as the foil leaf will cover all the imperfections. Bonus!

 For this look we used - Pot of Gold Foil Leaf, Danielle Dusty Pink and Whitney White


Watch how we did each of these design here: