How To Know If You Need a Base or Top Coat

Esmio is the home of one step gel polish which means you do not need a base or top coat to have a complete manicure! Our one step gel polish does not stain your nails and additional steps were only implemented for different nail bed types and needs. We recognise that there are many different nail bed types which may require additional steps in order to have a perfect mani. In this blog, we provide details of the different base and top coats we have and when we recommend you use them. Have a read below and see if your nail beds require any of these extra steps.


Optional Base Coat:

Optional base coat is a thin consistency. She was created for nails that are slightly bendy and thin. If your nails are not strong, one step gel application can chip more easily as it doesn’t have enough layers to stop your nails from bending. This is where adding our optional base coat to your manicure will help prevent premature chipping.


Gel XL Base Coat:

Gel XL is a base coat with a thick consistency. She was created for nails that have ridges, are thin or weak. As it has a thick viscosity, the gel slides into the ridges and settles in the gaps creating a smooth and even surface for your gel colour. You can apply multiple layers of Gel XL to make your nails as thick as you desire. With Gel XL you are also creating a stronger foundation which means your nails will not bend and chip. A little bonus is that you can use Gel XL to create 3D nail art with!


Peel Off Base Coat:

Peel off base coat is a thin consistency. She was created for medium to strong nail beds that need a quick removal. When you want to remove your manicure you can simply peel off your polish. The unique formula makes the gel colour stick together as a whole. If you are lucky, the whole nail will come off in one piece which is so satisfying! Peel off base coat is perfect for people that can only wear polish for a small amount of days before they need to take it off for work or school.


Optional Top Coat:

Optional top coat is a thin consistency which was created for all nail bed types. There are many reasons one may need this top coat. She can be used as a clear polish for that extra bit of glossiness to your natural nails. For people who are very hands on during their everyday lives, they may need our optional top coat for a longer lasting shine. A lot of nail art looks require the use of our top coat such as chrome and aura powders. If you are unsure, send us an email and we would be happy to help!


Matte Top Coat:

Matte top coat is a thin consistency. She was created for people who like to elevate their mani with a modern matte finish. All of our one step gel polishes have a gloss finish. Matte top coat is perfect for a feature nail, matte tips and even some cool designs using your nail art brushes! Some nail art may also require matte top coat such as chrome French tips. Chrome can only stick to gloss so with the help of matte top coat, you can create endless nail art designs.


We hope that this has helped you determine what base or top coat add ons you may need to have the perfect at home manicure!