How To Create a Squoval Nail Shape


Squoval nail shapes are one of the most popular nail shapes today. It suits all hands and can be done for long and short nails. Here are the steps on how to easily create this nail shape.

  1. Cut all of your nails to the same length or desired lengths using fingernail clippers. You want to cut them so that they are straight at the top. This does not need to be perfect as that is what the filing process will do. We just want to cut enough so that there is less work for the file to do as filing the length down will damage your nail tips.
  2. Using a glass file, file the tips in one straight motion. Avoid going back and forth so you do not put any stress to your natural nails.
  3. File the side walls starting from the side of your nails and filing up towards the tips of your nails. Do this on one motion as well.
  4. To create the squoval blunt square look simply place your file on the side wall and instead of filing straight up, file towards the centre of your nail so you are rounding off the sharp edges.
  5. Finish with a buffer block using a flicking motion to smooth out all the edges of your nails.