How To Use The Nail Art Stencil Pack

Nail art designs can sometimes be a bit difficult to achieve, especially for beginners. With our nail Art Stencil Pack we have something for everyone. It comes with 24 sheets of all different styles you can do as well as shapes. Here we are going to break down how to use the stencil pack perfectly and neatly.  

How To:

  1. Paint nails as per the instructions on the Esmio one step gel bottle. You can use a base coat if you like however this is completely optional. You will need to use a one step gel colour in order to use the stencil pack as the sticker will not adhere well to your natural nail.
  2. Use tweezers to pick up and place the sticker on your nails. You can use your fingers however do not touch the part of the sticker that will touch your nail as this could reduce the adhesiveness of the stickers.
  3. Once the stickers are in place, press down firmly on each to ensure polish doesn't seep through.
  4. Trim the sides of the stencil if it is overhanging on your skin with cuticle clippers. This is an important step as it can cause the polish to lift on the sides if they are not trimmed. Once cut, press down firmly again.
  5. Once the stickers are all down on one hand. Use another colour to paint the desired part of the nail. Ensure you go over the sticker about half way so you do not ruin your design by going on the other side of the sticker. It is also important that you paint away from the stencil and not towards it so polish does not get pushed under the stencil. By painting over half of the stencil, you ensure no polish can seep through when you do your next coats.
  6. Paint one finger then imminently cure for 10 seconds. Repeat this as you paint each finger to ensure a neat design. Then cure all 5 fingers for 60 seconds. (this ensures no gel will not seep through underneath the nail art stencil). If you are only painting one nail design, cure it immediately for 60 seconds instead of only 10. 
  7. For the next coat you can paint all nails then cure for 60 seconds together. As we have cured the first coat fully, there is no way for it to seep through.
  8. Repeat step 7 if you require additional coats.
  9. With a your tweezers or fingers gently peel the stencil sticker off, peeling from one side to the other. When you peel, ensure it is toward your nail design if you are using the strip like stencil. If you are using a shape, then peel towards the middle of the shape all the way around. This will ensure you have a clean peel.
  10. Finish with our optional top coat for a smoother finish.

Trouble Shooting:

If you have any leaks in your design that are minor, it may be saved by using these methods. However do not use the optional top coat before trying one of these two methods.

  • Using the blade side of the scraper tool, scrape from your base colour to the middle of your design in one motion. If there is only as small discrepancy, this will remove the gel. Finish the design with our optional top coat to hide any scratches.
  • Using a glass nail file lightly buff the leak away. This is only possible if you have a straight stencil design. Finish the design with our optional top coat to hide the buffed area.
  • If you are confident enough, you can use our detailing nail art brush to paint over anything that leaked through with the base colour you used in your design. Then finish with the optional top coat to smooth out your entire nail.