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Article: How To Correctly File Your Nails

How To Correctly File Your Nails
How To

How To Correctly File Your Nails

Do your nails constantly keep breaking? This can be due to the way you are filing your nails. Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to do file your nails? Keep reading to find out the best way!

Picking The Right Tools:

Picking the right tools for nail filing and shaping is important to maintain healthy and strong nails. You will need the following:

Finger Nail Clippers – Do not use toe nail clippers as these are larger and are used for thicker nails. Ensure you use a fingernail clipper if you are looking to shorten your nail length. If you are keeping them the same then this tool is not needed.

A Soft Nail File – The best nail files to use are glass files as they have a softer nail grit and are more gentle on the nail. However the 180 grit side of the emery board files is also acceptable to use (This is the softer side). You can also use our Soft Buffer.


How To File Your Nails Correctly:

  • For long nails, cut your nails to the desired length before using the file. Using a file to bring down the length can put too much stress on the nail.
  • For short nails, cut your nails to the same length as each other or skip this step if they are relatively the same.
  • Move your hands into a semi closed fist position and turn towards you. This is how you should look at your nails when filing.
  • To use the nail file, start from one corner of your nail and file in one motion to the centre. Do not file back and forth in a saw motion as this will damage your nail tips. Then file from the opposite corner to the centre.
  • Do not hold your file on an angel, hold it flat against your nails. If you file on an angel you will make your nails thinner on the ends which will make it more prone to cracking or splitting.
  • Ensure you work slowly so you do not accidentally file off too much length.
  • Use a nail buffer to smooth out any edges using a flicking motion

You can view all of our helpful cuticle prep and nail tools here.


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