What Does 10 Free Mean?

At Esmio, providing our customers with a safe beauty routine is extremely important to us. We have perfected our very own high-quality products without any of the known carcinogens and toxins that have been previously associated with gel polish. So, what is 10-free and what are these toxic chemicals that you should look out for? 


What does 10 free mean?

10 free refers to the number of chemicals NOT found in a particular polish, in fact, it refers to the 10 most harmful chemicals that are usually found in beauty products.


What are the 10 chemicals NOT in Esmio's One Step Gel Polish range?


Formaldehyde is most used in gel polish as a hardening agent. As it is a carcinogen, this chemical is know to cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and has been linked to nasal and lung cancers. 



You know that nostalgic yet toxic smell that comes from some nail polish, that is the very pungent smell of Toluene. This chemical helps to suspend the colour pigments in the nail polish evenly when applied to create a smooth finish. Toluene has been linked to affecting the nervous system through headaches, nausea, eye irritation, and most severely, birth defects.


Dibutyl Phthalate (DBT)

DBP is used as a plasticiser and solvent which makes nail polish more flexible and less likely to chip. This chemical has been linked to reproductive issues, birth defects and fertility issues when it is absorbed into the skin.



Synthetic camphor is used to create that ultra-glossy finish. Over exposure to this chemical can cause nausea, dizziness and headaches. 


Formaldehyde Resin

Formaldehyde Resin is used as a nail hardener. This chemical can cause irritation to the skin and can be toxic to our immune system. 



Xylene is used to thin out nail polish so it does not form a clumpy consistency and is most often used in the manufacture of cement and gasoline. As it has a strong fume, over-exposure or skin absorption can harm the renal system, liver and kidneys.



Parabens are used widely in the cosmetic industry as a preservative. Due to the estrogen mimicking effects it has been linked to hormonal abnormalities.



Fragrances are used to make polish smell a certain way. However, it is often made of proprietary blends of different ingredients which can cause skin irritations such as redness, itching, hives and eczema flareups.



Phthalates are used to bend products a certain way by giving it flexibility and has been linked to some cancers. 


Animal Ingredients

Animal ingredients are still used in many nail polish brand has it makes your polish last a really long time. Some animal products include fish scales, oyster shells, bug resin and colours derived from beetles. These ingredients do not harm you however without them polishes are labeled vegan and cruelty free.


We believe it is extremely important to take a second to analyse and research the ingredients in the products we put in, and on our bodies. If you are using any products that contain any of the above ingredients, we strongly encourage you to find an alternative.