Red With Envy

Red is the most classic of all nail polish colours. When you wear red you are making the ultimate statement. It tells someone that you are bold and confident. It is the colour of romance and passion. Red is the colour that never goes out of style. It suits all skin tones and we have 5 shades to pick from on ! Let’s break them down below. 

Riri Red

Riri is our lightest red gel polish shade with orange undertones. She has a tinge of pink which at times can make her look slightly coral like. This shade perfectly compliments a sun kissed glow. That makes Riri an ideal go-to for summer holidays!

Roch Red

Roch is similar to Riri however it has no pink tinge and a slightly less orange undertone. She is like the vintage red you see in the old school movies. You would wear her on date night. The orange undertone screams confidence and she will make you feel it. 

Alex Apple

Alex is the most pure and truest red. She has no other colour undertones. She is definitely the most classic red shade of the esmio family. You would wear her when you need a shade to compliment the LBD in your wardrobe. Alex will have you oozing class and romance!

Ruby Red

Ruby is a slightly darker shade to Alex but with blue undertones. This red is a little softer like the colour of a raspberry. If the first 3 reds are too ‘look at me’ then this is the red shade for you! You would wear her anytime anywhere, she is bold but not in your face, she is the perfect accompaniment to any gathering in any season.

Rose Red

Rose is our darkest shade of pure red. She has purple/blue undertones that make her look like the perfect glass of merlot. You would wear her in the cooler months. While sitting in front of a fire, sipping your glass of wine or hot chocolate. Rose exemplifies a very romantic feeling.