Why Painting Your Nails is Good for your Mental Health

Have you ever just done your hair and instantly felt more beautiful, happier and in a better mood? Well this is because self care contributes to your mood and stress levels and overall mental health. When you look good, you feel good!

Self Care:

Sometimes we give so much attention to other people that we forget that focusing on yourself is extremely important for your mental health. Self care is spending that extra time on yourself to make yourself feel good. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to give yourself a manicure. Whether it be just cutting your nails all the same length, a little file or using a coloured gel. That sense of  freshness helps you feel good about yourself. As long as you are putting time aside to paint your nails, you are focusing on yourself and generating soothing, happy feelings.

Relieves Stress:

Painting your nails requires focus so your mind is directed to one thing. Helping you focus your energy onto your manicure. Slow steady brush strokes mirror the slow steady breaths you take while painting your nails. It is relaxing and helps you calm down. By relaxing you are also relaxing your muscles which will improve your overall thinking and help you sleep better at night. You are always using your hands so when you look down and see a pretty colour, it can brighten your mood. Colours such as yellow will instantly make you feel happy. It will make you feel refreshed and renewed every time you look at your nails! 

How Esmio Helps:

Esmio is an easy to use at home nail system. It is a one step gel so no base or top coat is needed. This makes it perfect for beginners so there are no complicated steps. It's the same with the removal process. If painting your nails is simple then so should removing them. This is why we brought out our one step gel remover which allows you to remove your gel polish on your own in under 5 minutes. The ease of painting your nails with Esmio makes it one of the most relaxing nail systems available! It is the perfect way to destress and enjoy me time.