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Article: Everything you need to know about Esmio soft gel extensions

Everything you need to know about Esmio soft gel extensions

Everything you need to know about Esmio soft gel extensions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering the art of using our One Step Gel Extensions and French Tip Extensions.

This blog post is designed to equip you with all the essential knowledge and techniques to achieve flawless results every time. Let's dive in to help elevate your nail game!

The difference: One Step Gel Extensions VS French Tip Gel Extensions

Our One Step Gel Extensions are clear extensions that create an excellent foundation for our One Step Gel Polish.

Our French Tip Extensions are prefixed with a french tip design whilst also being transparent to allow the 2in1 Extension Gel Adhesive to fully cure underneith


What will you need?

While the application and removal process is mostly similar for both our One Step Gel Extensions and our French Tip Extensions, it does vary slightly. 

We have created a kit to provide you with everything you will need to apply and remove your One Step Gel Extensions and French Tip Extensions. 

- One Step Gel Extensions Kit

- French Tip Gel Extensions Kit

The only difference in application for French Tip Extension Kit is our Optional Top Coat, as you are required to apply the top coat after applying the extensions, whereas with our clear One Step Gel Extensions, the gel that is applied on top acts as a top coat. 


Do I need the flash cure lamp or can I use the LED Lamp?

YES! The flash cure lamp is specifically designed to be ergonomic during this process. As you are required to hold down the extension until is is cured into place, the light fixture is compact and narrow for 1 finger and open for both hands to fit underAttempting to cure the nail in the LED lamp won't be effective, as it lacks the necessary support for holding the nail in place during the curing process. After you press the extension onto your nail, do not let it go until it has cured and hardened into place, typically taking up to 60 seconds. Once all nails are attached, place your whole hand in the LED Lamp for 60 seconds.


How do I apply them?

PREP- You are required to follow the appropriate prep based on your nail bed type.

APPLY- To apply both extensions, you are required to apply a small bubble of gel on the bottom inside edge of the extension. You are then required to place the extension at the base of the nail and slowly push the extension down onto the nail from base to tip. You will be able to see the Extension Gel Adhesive fill up the space between your nail and the extension. Two things to look out for in this step is to:

1. Ensure the gel is filling from the bottom to the top of your nail. If it doesn't, there is not enough gel.

2. Ensure the gel is filling up the nail and not bursting out the side edges of your nail.

3. Ensure you hold the nail in place and there are no bubbles.

If any of the above are happening, do not cure! Remove the extension, using alcohol and a lint free wipe clean your nail and the extension and start again, applying less or more glue. 

PLEASE NOTE: Always avoid uncured gel touching your skin. If your skin ever comes into contact with uncured gel, do not cure and immediately wipe it away it using alcohol. 

Once all nails have been applied and flash cured, make sure to cure the whole hand in your LED Lamp for 60 seconds. 

One Step Gel Extensions: After your final cure, you can proceed to apply any One Step Gel colours and designs you desire. 

French Tip Gel Extensions: After your final cure, apply 1 coat of Extension Gel Adhesive on top of the nail, cure, and then apply 1 coat of Optional Top Coat and cure.


How do I remove them?

CUT- Using your Nail Cutters, cut down the extensions

BUFF- Using your Extension Removal File buff away the surface of the nail

APPLY- Apply 1 coat of our One Step Gel Remover, wait 1 minute and apply a second coat

REMOVE- Using your Pro Scraper Tool, gently push away at the extension. It should have bubbled up and be ready for removal. If there are stubborn areas, re-buff and re-apply the remover. 


Can I infill?

Yes, both extensions can be infilled. You can use the 100grit side of your Essential File to buff away the colour. Then using Builder Gel XL or Extension Gel Adhesive, fill in the gap at the base of the nail (this may take 2 coats) bringing the gel up to cover the whole nail creating a smooth surface.


How long do they last?

Once application is perfected, your gel extensions should last 21+ days.


Why aren't they lasting?

Please review the application steps above and ensure there are no bubbles in your extensions.



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