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Article: Gojelle Minis: The Perfect Pre-Adhered Press Ons for You and Your Little Ones!

Gojelle Minis: The Perfect Pre-Adhered Press Ons for You and Your Little Ones!

Gojelle Minis: The Perfect Pre-Adhered Press Ons for You and Your Little Ones!

Sparkle together, bond forever! Inspire your little girls dreams with her first beauty treasure, Gojelle Minis! 

Introduce Gojelle Minis – the adorable, fun, and totally safe line of pre-adhered press on nails designed for children ages 5+, and their stylish parents!

What are Gojelle Minis?

Gojelle Minis are a revolutionary product in the world of children's fashion, offering pre-adhered press on nails that are easy to apply, completely safe, and come in a range of fun, vibrant designs. These nails are crafted with both parents and children in mind, making them an excellent choice for family activities, parties, or just a fun day in.

Safety First: One of the biggest concerns for any parent is safety. Gojelle Minis are made with non-toxic, child-friendly materials and use a gentle adhesive that won’t damage young, delicate nails. These press ons are free from harsh chemicals often found in traditional nail polish and removers, making them an ideal choice for children.

Ease of Use: Forget the mess of nail polish! These pre-adhered nails can be applied in minutes without any fuss. Simply peel off the backing, press them onto your child's nails, and voilà – instant manicure! They're just as easy to remove, encouraging independence in kids who love to do things by themselves.

Match With Your Kids: Gojelles aren’t just for kids; they come in adult sizes too! This allows you and your child to sport matching manicures, perfect for photo-ops, special events, or regular days when you just want to add a bit of sparkle to your routine.

Fun Designs: From glittery rainbows to simple chic glazes, Gojelle Minis come in an array of designs to capture your child's imagination and style. 

Using GoJelle Minis is incredibly simple:

  1. Select the Size: Match the nail sizes to your child’s nails for a perfect fit.
  2. Press and Hold: Press the nail onto the natural nail and hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Ready to Go: Just like that, you're done! No drying time needed.

Where to Find GoJelle Minis

GoJelle Minis are available online through our website. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers and new designs by signing up for our newsletter.

Whether you’re planning a mummy and me spa day or looking for a stress free way to enjoy a manicure with your child, Gojelle Minis offer a perfect solution. Safe, easy, and fun, these press ons promise to be a hit with both kids and parents alike. So why not add a little extra colour to your life and try them out? Your mini-me will thank you!

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