'How To' The Perfect Gel Application

In order to get the perfect gel application you need to first perfect the preparations. Please see our 'How To' The Perfect Nail Prep' blog before apply your gel. 

The Application Brush:

Ensure you have little gel on the application brush as possible. The less gel the easier it is to apply and the longer your gel will last. To do this, you want to start by wiggling the brush against the head of the bottle, then wipe one whole side of the brush so that the gel is only sitting on one side.

The Painting Process:

To get close to your cuticles, place the gel side of the brush below the centre of your nail and slowly move the brush towards your cuticle to form a U shape, then move the brush upward towards the free edge of your nail. Wipe the brush along the head of the bottle again and paint each side of your nail, then paint a few strokes in the centre to level out the gel evenly. Finish by caping the end of your nail. 


Firstly we recommend painting from your pinky to your thumb as your thumb sits at a different angle- this ensures an even application.

If any gel gets onto your skin you can use an unpainted nail or a brush to simply remove the gel from your skin and then cure.