'How To' Chrome French Tips

Chrome french tips are quickly becoming a go to nail art look! Let us tell you how to get this super easy look. 

What you will need:

  • Serena Skin OR Steph Skin One Step Gel Polish
  • Any Coloured One Step Gel
  • Silver Chrome Powder 
  • Matte Top Coat
  • Optional Top Coat
  • French Tip Tool
  • Dusting Brush


1. Apply two coats of Serena Skin/Steph Skin and cure for 60 seconds between coats

2. Next apply a coat of matte top coat and cure for 60 seconds

3. Using the French Tip Tool add a brush stroke of any coloured gel and dip the tip of your nail into the silicone. We used Giselle Grey in this tutorial. Then cure for 60 seconds. 

4. Using the chrome powder, dip the applicator brush in and lightly rub it on top of the coloured tip until you are happy with the coverage. If you place the powder on the nail without rubbing it will look like glitter and not give you the chrome effect. 

5.  Dust off any excess chrome powder from around your nails with the dusting brush. 

6. Finish with a coat of optional top coat and cure for 60 seconds.