'How To' One Step Gel Remover

An in depth guide on how to Express remove your Esmio One Step Gel polish using our One Step Gel Remover. Our Esmio One Step Gel Remover will remove every Esmio One Step Gel Polish, as well as all of our Base and Top Coats. Below you will find a step by step guide on the removal process, along with troubleshooting tips you may need if you encounter any problems along the way. 

Step 1. Begin by buffing off the first coat of polish using our 100/180 grit file. The shine should be removed from all nails. If you have multiple layers of polish and a base coat, please file additional layers of your coloured gel polish. 

Step 2. Apply 1 thick coat of the our One Step Gel Remover on all of your nails, ensuring you do not get any remover on your skin. Once applied to all nails, repeat with a second coat. The second coat should be applied once the first has absorbed into the polish, this usually happens in the time you have applied it to all 10 fingers, however, if it still looks a little glossy, wait 30 seconds before applying the second coat. Please note: The remover is a thick and glue like consistency.

Step 3. Wait 3 minutes for our One Step Gel Remover to penetrate the gel. You should feel a slight tight sensation as the polish lifts off your nails- this is perfectly normal! If you do not see many cracks, you may have a thick coat of polish and will need an additional layer of remover. Apply another coat and wait for a further 2-3 minutes or until you see cracks around the whole polish. 

Step 4. Once the polish is flakey, you can use our scraper tool to lightly pull away most of the cracked polish off your nails. If there are stubborn parts of your mani, apply another coat of the remover, wait for it to bubble up and remove again using the scraper tool. 

Step 5. Use our buffer block to lightly buff any excess gel polish off your nails.

Step 6. Finish by washing your hands with soap and water to remove any excess gel particles from your nails. Then apply cuticle oil to all nails and massage in, or if you are applying another mani, you can follow our 'perfect prep' to prepare your nails for gel application.