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Article: Infilling Your Soft Gel Extensions

Infilling Your Soft Gel Extensions

Infilling Your Soft Gel Extensions

Maintaining beautifully manicured nails is a key aspect of self-care for many individuals. If you're a fan of gel extensions, you know that infilling is essential to keep your nails looking fresh and flawless. Here is your guide through the process of infilling gel extensions using Builder Gel XL.

Step 1: Buff/File Off Colour

The first step in the infilling process is to prepare the nails by gently buffing or filing off any existing colour or topcoat. This step ensures a clean and smooth surface for the infill application. Use our 100grit file and avoid damaging the natural nail or the existing gel extensions.

Step 2: Use Builder Gel XL to fill the Gap

Now that your nails are prepped, it's time to fill in the gap at the base of the nail. For this, you can choose either our 2in1 Optional Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive or our Builder Gel XL. The Builder Gel XL is an excellent choice for infilling as it provides durability and easy application.

a. Apply a small amount of Builder Gel XL to the gap at the base of the nail, ensuring it reaches the cuticle area without flooding it.

b. Use a brush or tool to shape the gel and create a smooth surface. Check the profile from the side to ensure the gel is flush with the apex of the nail.

c. Depending on the thickness of the gel and the desired result, you may need to apply multiple thin layers. Cure each layer under a our LED lamp.

Step 3: Buff and File for a Seamless Finish

Once the Builder Gel XL has been cured, it's time to refine the shape and smoothness of the infill.

a. Gently buff the surface of the cured gel to remove any unevenness and create a smooth texture. Be careful not to over-buff, as this can thin out the gel and compromise the strength of the extension.

b. Use a file to shape the nails according to your preference. Pay attention to the sidewalls and ensure they maintain a natural and well-balanced appearance.

Step 4: Apply Polish for the Perfect Finish

With the infilling process complete, you can now apply your One Step Gel

Happy infilling!

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