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Article: Is 'Magic' Gel Remover bad for you?

Is 'Magic' Gel Remover bad for you?

Is 'Magic' Gel Remover bad for you?

There is a lot of misinformation out there about ‘Magic’ Gel removers, so, let’s talk about it.

We have taken the greatest effort to perfect our One Step Gel Remover formula to not only be the quickest gel removal, but the safest. All of our products and ingredients abide by Australian standards. You can find a complete ingredient list for each product under the 'ingredient tab' on the product page. 

Let’s start with the FACTS:

Structurally speaking, Acetone and our One Step Gel Remover both work by breaking bonds in gel ‘polymers’ to remove gel polish. Acetone is placed on a cotton pad, wrapped around your finger tip and nail, most commonly tightened in place with a piece of foil. Unlike Acetone, where significant skin contact is involved, Our Esmio One Step Gel Remover is placed directly on top of your buffed Esmio Gel and is pushed away after 5 minutes, meaning no skin contact occurs during this process.

One of our most commonly asked questions regarding our One Step Gel Remover- “Is One Step Gel Remover Paint Stripper/Thinner/Remover?”

Structurally speaking, both Acetone AND our One Step Gel Remover break bonds in gel ‘polymers’. Although paint and nail products are from very different industries, the products themselves are structurally similar and Polymers are used in most nail products AND regular paints.

Ironically, Acetone has been used for many years as a paint remover/thinner/stripper, a quick google search will bring up an avalanche of information on this. As Acetone is in significant contact with your skin for a period of time (up to 20 minutes), we do believe it is worth taking some time out and reading up on the concerns in which the way your body absorbs it.

To answer this question, yes, our One Step Gel Remover could possibly remove paint. Would it be a good paint remover? No.

The ingredients in our One Step Gel Remover are nowhere near as harsh as common paint remover/thinner/stripper ingredients. The active ingredient in our One Step Gel Remover is Sodium Hydroxide- a commonly used ingredient found in a wide range of skincare/cosmetics/cleaning products.

Will Esmio One Step Gel Remover damage my nail bed/skin?

No. Our One Step Gel Remover is only to be used on top of your buffed Esmio One Step Gel and then pushed away using our Scraper Tool. As there is no contact required with the nail bed or skin, it will not harm either in any way. 

NOTE: Please be extremely gentle when pushing away using the Scraper tool, scraping too harshly or tugging at the gel is what will damage your nails. If there are stubborn sections of gel, we recommend re-applying the remover on these areas. 

Is Esmio One Step Gel Remover the same as other ‘magic’ gel removers?

No. Our One Step Gel Remover is formulated with specific ingredients that are safe to use in removing our One Step Gel Colour range. Our One Step Gel Remover is Australian Approved and all ingredients are registered with the AICIS.

Other removers most likely contain other ingredients. The best way to ensure you are purchasing a safe Gel Remover is to perform a search on each ingredient via the AICIS Industry Chemicals Inventory to make sure they are Australian Approved.

What should I do if I have an allergy or sensitivity?

If you have an allergy or sensitivity, we recommend you to speak with an expert in the chemical field to discover exactly which ingredients/chemicals you are allergic to. 


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