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Article: The EASIEST Nail Art you will ever do!

The EASIEST Nail Art you will ever do!
Nail Art

The EASIEST Nail Art you will ever do!

This GAME-CHANGING Nail Art Mat will level up your mani and it takes less than 5 minutes!

What will you need? 

  • One Step Gel Polish Colour of Choice
  • LED Lamp
  • Optional Top Coat
  • Dotting Tool
  • Short Liner Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Nail Art Mat

All items can be found in our Nail Art Collection with the star of the show, the Nail Art Mat being linked here.


  1. Begin by dropping a small blob of polish inside the shape you have chosen
  2. Then use the small end of the Dotting Tool to manoeuvre the gel towards the edges of the shape, ensuring you have an even surface
  3. Use the Short Liner Brush to get close to the boarder, don’t be afraid to get close as the black lines will repel the gel 
  4. Once the shape is coloured in, remove the bottom of your LED Lamp and place it on top of the coloured in shape
  5. Cure for 1 minute 
  6. You can use a small pair of scissors or nail clippers to cut any excess polish that may have spread
  7. There are two application methods you can chose: 
    1. Using a pair of Tweezers, carefully pick up the cured gel shape and place it on your nail, use your finger to press down all edges to ensure it is flat & flush with your nail bed and cure. You may like to apply our Optional Top Coat and cure again to seal it in OR
    2. Paint a thin layer of our Optional Top Coat , using the Tweezers, carefully pick up the cured gel shape and place it on the uncured Top Coat, move around to your desired position, cure on the nail


After you have finished your mani, wipe the Nail Art Mat using a baby wipe. This will remove all the One Step Gel Polish from the silicone. Do not use any nail polish remover or pure acetone on the silicone as chemicals will erode it.

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