We know how frustrating it can be when your gel polish chips right after a fresh mani. Sometimes it is inevitable due to the way we use our hands at work and around the house but here are our tips to ensure your mani stands the test of time!
  • Ensure cuticles are prepped correctly. Pushed, trimmed and removed from the nail bed. This will prevent your gel from lifting.
  • Make sure your nails are free from natural oils by dehydrating your nails before application. We recommend a light buff and applying our strong hold bond.
  • Ensure your gel polish is cured correctly. When you have cured your gel it should be smooth to touch and not sticky or tacky, if it is, cure again.
  • Do not pick at your gel and try to prevent chips. If you do get a chip, buff over it and reapply gel. This is the beauty of having your own lamp on hand! It will also prevent further chipping from occurring and having to redo your whole hand.
  • Ensure gel layers are thin and do not touch the skin around your nail bed. Also cap the free edge (paint top edge of your nail). This will ensure they gel stays on your nail and does not lift.
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