Finding the Perfect Fit for Every Finger

Say goodbye to dreaming of long nails, and welcome the convenience of One Step Gel Nail Extensions.

This revolutionary technique has taken the beauty world by storm, offering a quick and hassle-free way to achieve stunning, long and lasting nails. But wait, there's more! When it comes to One Step Gel Nail Extensions, finding the appropriate size that fits your finger is crucial for a flawless finish and comfortable fit. 

The best way to measure the extensions against your finger is to go by the width. Place the extension on top of your nail and hold it in position while you check that both of the side edges of the nail finish right where your skin and nail meet. Once all fingers have been measured up, check that the base of the extension smoothly meets your cuticle. If it doesn't you can file the base of the extension to the desired shape to fit your cuticle.

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You can view our size guides below for our One Step Gel Extension range. Please note that each One Step Gel Extension shape is scalably smaller/larger in width AND length. For Example, Short Almond is shorter in length, and narrower in width than Medium Almond.

Please note: Due to the tapered point of the almond shape, Extra Short Almond and Short Almond extensions are recommended for Petite hands and nails and will not necessary work as a shorter alternative to Medium Almond.


gel polish, extensions, at home nails, diy manicuregel polish, extensions, at home nails, diy manicure


gel polish, extensions, at home nails, diy manicure