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Article: 'How To' Builder Gel XL

'How To' Builder Gel XL
How To

'How To' Builder Gel XL

What is Builder Gel XL:

Builder Gel XL is a thin builder gel that is designed to fill in the ridges of uneven nail beds and provide a stronger foundation for weak nails. XL stands for extra layer as it gives you exactly that, an extra layer of coverage and protection. This builder gel is thinner than others which makes it easier for you to do yourself at home. It is not necessarily a base or top coat but more of an addition to your nail art routine to give you that extra layer of protection for a longer lasting manicure.  

How to use Builder Gel XL:

Builder Gel XL requires a base coat for it to adhere to. You can use our 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive or one step gel polish colour for this. This is as the first coat of polish on your natural nail needs to be thin. If it is too thick, your polish will lift off the next day. With Builder Gel XL it is really difficult to get a thin coat, this is why we recommend using optional base coat OR one step gel polish colour. Builder Gel XL should only be cured for 60 seconds under a UV/LED lamp. Once cured it will be tacky. You will then continue to apply your one step gel polish on top of this tacky surface. 

Take a look at the steps below:

1. 1 coat of 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive
2. 1 coat of Builder Gel XL
3. 1-4 coat of one step gel colour
1. 1 coat of one step gel colour
2.  coat of Builder Gel XL
3. 1-3 coat of one step gel colour (same colour as step 1)



If you are noticing any bubbles in the middle of your polish after finishing your manicure or it is peeling off the next day you have done one or both of two things. You have not prepared your nail bed properly by buffing the surface of your nail enough and using a dehydrator or alcohol wipe to remove all the moisture from your natural nails. OR you have applied the Gel XL too thick and it has not cured through. Even though Gel XL is thick in nature, it still needs to be applied in thin layers. It will still create a strong foundation and fill in ridges even with a thin layer. 

You can read more on how to properly buff your nails HERE.

Do I need Builder Gel XL:

We recommend using Builder Gel XL if you have thin or uneven nail beds. Uneven nail beds are ridges or bumps on your nail that show when you apply polish on its own. The Builder Gel XL will make your nails look smooth, even and flawless. Thin nails are more prone to chipping so this will create a thicker foundation for you which means your nails are less likely to chip. You can also use Builder Gel XL if have strong nail beds but you love a smooth thick finish. I know we do!

Removing Builder Gel XL:

Say goodbye to time consuming processes and hello to effortless gel removal with our One Step Gel Remover. Achieve a clean slate for your nails with our trusted and efficient solution, follow instructions the same you would when removing your One Step Gel colour.



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