What You Can Do With Glitter Pots

Our new glitter pots are an essential in your nail art collection. With 8 different colours, there is a variety of nail art you can achieve. You can mix your glitter with optional top coat or you can paint your nails clear and sprinkle the glitter on top. Here are some cool, different ways you can use your glitter pots.

French Tips:
Using our French tip tool, apply a coat of optional top coat and press the tip of your nail into the silicone. Then using the end your cuticle pusher sprinkle some glitter on top of your nail tip. Then using the dusting brush, dust off any excess glitter around your nails. You can use the angled nail art brush to clean up the edges of your glitter tips for a more clean finish. Cure your nails then finish with a top coat.
With the glitter pots, it makes doing an ombre design super simple. All you need is your glitter pot, optional top coat and ombre nail art brush and a flat head brush. After you have painted your nail the desired colour, mix top coat and glitter in your mixing pallet. Then dip your flat head nail art brush into the mixture and paint the end of your nails. Then using the ombre brush spread the polish up toward the tip of your nail to create the ombre effect.
Swirls and Nail Art:
You can create multiple designs with glitter nail art. All you need to do is mix a glitter colour with optional top coat and you will have a glittery gel polish. You can use your long thin nail art brush to create cool swirls, the dotting tool to make flowers or the nail art mat stencils for even more nail art designs!
Sparkly Nails:
With glitter pots, you get to decide how pigmented you want your gel colour to be. You can mix a small scoop of glitter with your optional top coat to give that slight sparkle to your nails. You can also add a larger scoop of glitter to your top coat and give your nail full coverage glitter. It’s up to you and your preference!