Cuticle Softener

$29.00 AUD

Our Cuticle Softener softens the skin around the cuticle area allowing you to gently push away your cuticles and dead skin from your nail beds. Our Cuticle Softener is best used with our Pro Cuticle Pusher tool.

Once you have removed all gel from your nails, apply our Cuticle Softener to the cuticle area. If you wish for a deeper soften you can place your hands with the softener into a bowl of warm water for a minute or two. Leaving the formula (and water if you added this step) on your nail beds, grab our Cuticle Pusher and slowly push your cuticles and any dead skin on the nail bed away from the top of your nail in a back and forth motion. Do not put and pressure on the pusher as the our Cuticle Softener helps to loosen the skin around this area. Once you have completed this process you can wipe the dead skin particles away with a tissue and also clip away any other cuticle skin with our Cuticle Clippers to achieve a salon perfect cuticle finish.

For our in depth guide to the perfect mani visit our how to section here. This guide includes how to properly prep, paint and remove your Esmio gel polish as well as some helpful tips!

Betaine, Glycerol

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