Does the Tea Bag Nail Trick Work

Don't you just hate it when your nail splits/cracks really low on your nail bed and you don't want to cut your beautiful long nail because then you would have to cut them all?

Well we have tried and tested the tea bag trick and it has proven to work and save your mani for at least another 2 weeks! Here is how we did it:

1. Cut any tea bag into a small rectangle or square like shape that will cover the crack of your nail and surroundings. 

2. Apply our optional base coat or Gel XL to your natural nail bed. Ensure you cover the crack. Do not cure. 

3. Using a thin pair of tweezers, place the cut out tea bag on the cracked nail and press it down with the tweezers so the tea bag is fully submerged by the base coat. Make sure it is as flat as possible. Then cure it for 60 seconds. 

4. Apply 1-2 coats of Gel XL on top of the whole nail including the tea bagged section and cure for 60 seconds in-between coats. We used 2 coats of gel XL as we applied a sheer colour on top and it hid the tea bag so well. 

5. Apply your one step gel colour as normal and cure. 

6. Using the glass nail file, lightly file the side of your nails to create a smooth edge. 

We are so impressed by this little hack. The polish did not crack where the nail crack was, like it usually does when you just apply additional gel layers. We took this polish off 10 days later and redid this as the crack had not grown out enough to cut and it worked perfectly.