How to cap the free edge on long and short nails

What is capping the free edge:

Capping the free edge is when you paint the end of your nail with the polish applicator brush. This is important in ensuring you have a longer lasting, chip free manicure. By painting the free edge you will give your mani a protective layer. You should ideally be doing this with every coat to ensure the strongest hold. 

How to cap the free edge on long nails:

Capping the free edge with medium-long nails is super simple. After you have painted a coat of colour, simply wipe the polish brush across the end of your of your nails. You can then go over your nails again to even out the polish and ensure there is not a thicker layer of gel at the end of your nails. Some people like to cap the free edge first then paint the rest of the nail. Both ways work the same so it is just a matter of personal preference. 

How to cap the free edge on short nails:

Capping the free edge with short nails can be a little messy. This is why instead of capping it using the regular method we recommend flipping the polish brush upside down and carefully push the gel over the edge of your nails using a scrubbing motion. Then flip the brush back over and even out your polish again.