'How To' French Tip Tool

How to Use:

  1. Before starting your mani, please wipe the silicone with a baby wipe to ensure no dust is on it and does not mix with your gel. Do not use any chemicals on the silicone as it may erode it. 
  2. Apply a thin brush stroke of your chosen one step gel shade.
  3. Insert the tip of you nail in a 45 degree angle into the silicone, where you have painted the gel. Ensure it is from the end of where you painted. Do insert your nail in the middle of the gel stroke.
  4. Move your nail from left to right without lifting your nail out of the silicone. Until you reach your desired coverage and shape. 
  5. If you would like more coverage on your tip, you can press it in the colour again.
  6. If you find your tip is much thicker then you would like, press the tip of your nail into a clean part of the silicone to remove a layer of polish. Repeat until you are happy with the look and thickness. However, ensure that it is not too thick because it is highly likely that it will peel. 
  7. Repeat to all nails. You do not need to wipe the silicone french tip between nails. You can just reapply another brush stroke of colour directly on top of the previous one.
  8. Cure your tips for 60 seconds under a UV/LED or premium LED lamp.
  9. Apply our optional top coat on top of your whole nail. This will help prevent the french tips from chipping. 

How to Clean and Store:

  • After you have finished your mani, please wipe the french tip tool down with a baby wipe. This will remove all the one step gel polish from the silicone. Do not use any nail polish remover or pure acetone on the silicone. Any chemicals will erode it. 
  • Once your french tip tool has dried please put the lid back on it to prevent any dust particle build up. 
  • Store the french tip tool upright in a cool dark area, same as you would your gel polish. Note: The lid acts more like a cover and does not fully clasp onto the french tip tool.