Types of nail art brushes and what you can do with them

The Esmio nail art brush set comes with 7 different shaped brushes and a dotting tool. Each brush is unique and has different and multiple uses that can help you achieve your nail art designs. You can create a completely different designs just by changing the brush shape you are using. Here is our complete list of brushes and some ideas on how you can use them. 

Ombre Brush

The ombre brush has a mixture of tall and short bristles which makes it prefect for creating any ombre or gradient designs. 

What you can do with the ombre brush:
  • Ombre
  • Gradient
  • Floral Petals
  • Marble designs

Angled Brush

The angle brush is super versatile. You can clean up your cuticles and make crisp brush strokes.

What you can do with the angled brush:
  • French tips
  • Clean excess polish
  • One stroke designs
  • Floral petals
  • Holds two colours

Square Flat Brush

The square flat brush has a defined straight edge which makes it perfect for precise one stroke designs. It can also be used for blending and shading.

What you can do with the square flat brush:
  • One stroke designs
  • Blending colours
  • Floral petals
  • Holds two colours

Round Flat Brush

The round flat brush will help you create one stroke designs that have a rounded edge. 

What you can do with the round flat brush:
  • Floral petals
  • One stroke designs

Rounded Brush

The rounded brush is the most versatile brush. With its short length and bristles you can use it for intricate designs as well as many different brush strokes

What you can do with the rounded brush:
  • Floral petals
  • 3D nail art

Liner Brush 

The Liner brush will help you create smooth, straight lines in one easy stroke. The long bristles help prevent a messy line.

What you can do with the liner brush:
  • Stripes
  • Geometric lines
  • Marbling
  • Animate prints such as zebra or tiger

Detail Brush

The detail brush will be your best friend! The short and stiffer bristles will allow you to achieve precise detail work. You will have better control with this brush for the most intricate nail art designs. 

What you can do with the detail brush:
  • Small details
  • Outlining
  • Letters

Dotting Tool

The dotting tool is the easiest of all to master. It will give you effortless nail art designs that even a beginner can nail. It is double sided so you have not one but two sized dots you can use in your designs.

What you can do with the dotting tool:
  • Polkadots
  • Leopard Print
  • Florals
  • Any print with dots