How To Neatly Stick Your Name On Your Lamp

Did you just receive your LED nail lamp and letter sticker sheet and think how am I ever going to get this centred and straight? Well we have a little hack for you that guarantees that you will be able to put any name or word on your lamp perfectly like a pro!

  1. Put a bit of water in a glass and a squirt some dish washing liquid in there.
  2. Give it a little mix.
  3. Take your finger and dip it in the cup and generously rub the solution on the section you want to put your name.
  4. Using your fingers or tweezers peel off the letters you would like to use and place them on top of the wet solution. You do not need to be neat with this step.
  5. Use your fingers and tweezers to move the letters around, you have until the water dries up to keep playing around with the positioning.
  6. Once you are done, leave it to completely dry. It will take roughly 10 minutes. The solution will evaporate and the letters will be stuck in position. 

There you have it, the perfect name placement every time!