Polish with Purpose

What is i=Change?

i=Change is an innovative social enterprise that is redefining the way businesses integrate charitable giving into their operations. The organisation was founded on the belief that every purchase can create a tangible impact on important global causes. Their model is simple yet powerful: partnering with brands to create a seamless giving experience for consumers. For each purchase made from these brands, a fixed amount is donated to carefully selected charitable organisations. This transparent and impactful approach not only empowers consumers to make a difference but also drives sales for businesses that align with social causes.

Let's delve into the communities that YOU are helping:

  1. Dress for Success: This global nonprofit empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing them with the tools, support, and professional attire needed to thrive in the workplace. Esmio's contribution helps women break down barriers and step confidently into their careers.

  2. Redkite: Redkite is an Australian charity dedicated to providing support to children and young people with cancer, as well as their families. Esmio's donation aids in providing crucial support, assistance, and resources to families navigating the challenges of childhood cancer.

  3. Women's Community Shelters: This organization focuses on providing safe and supportive accommodation for women experiencing homelessness and domestic violence. Esmio's contribution plays a pivotal role in helping women rebuild their lives in a nurturing and secure environment.


In a world where social and environmental issues are at the forefront of global discussions, initiatives like i=Change are leading the charge toward a more compassionate and equitable future by showcases how shopping can become a vehicle for change.