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Article: Which Starter Kit is for Me?

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How To

Which Starter Kit is for Me?

As a beginner, selecting the perfect starter kit that aligns with your needs, budget, and nail type can be challenging. To assist you, we've detailed our three starter kits below to help you choose the best option for embarking on your at home gel manicure journey with Esmio.

Each Esmio Starter Kit comes with 3 colours meaning you can get 90+ manicures per kit! 


"I only want the basics for application to see if I will enjoy the at home mani journey"

Opt for: Basic Starter Kit, $165

This affordable kit is the perfect starting point for your at home gel manicure adventure, allowing you to discover if this is a journey you wish to invest in for the long haul! Should you decide to continue, the next move would be acquiring our One Step Gel Removal Kit, priced at $39.

Shop Basic Starter Kit.



"I want the essential items for application & removal"

Opt for: Essential Starter Kit, $222

The Essential Starter Kit offers the perfect selection, equipped with only the absolute necessities needed for application, removal, and a cuticle pusher for basic cuticle preparation. This kit ensures you have all the basics covered, eliminating the need for any additional products. 

Shop Essential Starter Kit.



"I want everything for prep, application and removal, and I want to do some nail art"

Opt for: Pro Starter Kit, $320

The Pro Starter Kit encompasses all necessities for thorough cuticle prep, gel application, gel removal, cuticle care, and even some nail art! It's the ultimate kit for those prepared to fully embrace and invest in their at home gel manicure experience. Choosing this kit means embarking on your journey with everything you'll need for an extended period, leaving no reason to look back.

Shop Pro Starter Kit.



ADD ON: Weak or Bendy Nails?

If you find yourself dealing with weak or bendy nails that make it hard for your gel manicure to adhere, opt for: Weak Nails Kit, $109. It can be acquired as an add on to another kit or on its own alongside the Nail Lamp, $89. Your guide to perfecting your manicure using the Weak Nails Kit is here.

Shop Weak Nails Kit.  Shop Nail Lamp.


Shop all Bundles here.

If you feel none of these kits fit your needs or are still unsure, please reach out to us to help you.

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