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Article: A Guide to Doing your own Nails for the First Time

A Guide to Doing your own Nails for the First Time
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A Guide to Doing your own Nails for the First Time

So you have made the decision to start doing your own nails and are a little nervous to start... do not worry! We have all been where you are now- you know how the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, well neither is the perfect mani. It is all about trial and error, getting to know your own nails and discovering what works for them. 

At the beginning, you may not be familiar with your nail type and therefore your nails won't be lasting as long as you wish. Believe us when we tell you that practice makes perfect, and if you don't believe us, join our Facebook group ‘Esmio Nail Talk’ to see for yourself the progress everyone has made.

To start, let's go through the main points you need to know before you start.
Nail Bed Type:    
How are you meant to know your nail bed type when you have never done this before? We have a detailed blog 'How to Determine your Nail Bed Type' HERE. This guide is to help you see what additional products or steps you may need in order to perfect your mani.

If you are still unsure, take a guess! After you paint your nails a few times you will begin to notice. For example, if your nails are bending and chipping easily, you may have thin nails and need our Builder Gel XL, this will create a stronger nail foundation, or you might notice your gel is peeling off after 2 or 3 days, you might have oily nail beds and may need to use our Dehydrator, Strong Hold Bond, or 2in1 Base Coat & Extension Gel Adhesive.

Most of the time people say their mani doesn’t last it's because they aren't prepping their nails correctly. Now, this doesn’t just mean buffing before you apply your gel, it’s the things that get missed in the process like cuticle removal, filing and dehydrating. Read our ‘How To: Perfect Nail Prep’ HERE before starting, this will ensure you have all the tools you need. Since this is your first time doing your nails you may find these blogs useful too. They all come with videos to help you every step of the way.

'How To: Properly Buff Before Gel Application' HERE.
'How To: Correctly File you Nails' HERE.
Painting your Nails:
You may have heard it before, but thin coats is the key to a longer lasting mani. Painting thin coats  makes it so much easier to control the polish and less likely to flood your cuticles. 'How To: Paint your Nails' blog HERE.

Pro tip 1: Paint your non dominant hand first- you will thank us later! 'How To: Paint your Non-dominant Hand' HERE.

Pro tip 2: Always cap the free edge. Not sure what that means? It means paint the end of your nail, see HERE.
Builder Gel XL:
You purchased our Builder Gel XL and you don't know how to use it or it peels off your finger the next day. Perfect Gel XL with our Guide To Builder Gel XL HERE and watch your nails thrive!
We have two incredibly innovative removal solutions that are fast, easy, don't require acetone and most importantly- actually work! One Step Gel Remover will remove your gel in minutes, all you have to do is buff off the top layer of your One Step Gel Polish, apply 2 coats of the remover, and watch it bubble away. If it's not looking like it does in the videos, read our detailed instructions on how to use it HERE.
Our Peel Off Base Coat is exactly what it sounds like, two coats of Peel Off underneith your polish and after 7-14 days will be able to safely peel off your gel. Please read our blog HERE. Please note: Dry nail beds need additional prep for a damage free removal.
Cuticle Care:
Last but definitely not least, meet your new best friend- the product you will be using daily from now on, your holy grail... Cuticle Oil. Cuticle Care is extremely important in maintaining healthy and strong nails. Read about the Importance of Cuticle Oil HERE, and remember to use it daily regardless of if you have polish on or not!

Longer, Lasting Manicure:

If you have read through all the above information and still feel like you're not achieving the results you want, visit HERE for our guide to a longer lasting manicure! 
Now that you have read and watched demos on how to master your at home mani, it's time to invite the gals over, put on your favourite sit-com and put it into practice! Remember, paint slow- good things take time.

If you are struggling with anything, email us at, or join our amazing Facebook community ‘Esmio Nail Talk’ to chat with people who have or are exactly where you are now! 

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